What eCODE is
eCODE is for external Collaborative Open Development Environment
Samsung Electronic Developers can collaborate with
the Collaborative Developers, Industry-Academic Developers and also SEC Developers as well,
under the Monitoring and AVAS Security environment.
How to request eCODE
You can request to get accessibility to eCODE at Code Portal page.
You can request to create your Project Organization and/or related account at the same time,
or just add extra accounts to previously created Organization.
Request eCODE
User Process
The requested account will receive the Welcome Email.
Users are required to process
"1. Reset password", "2. Activate two-factor authentication" and "3. Consent Terms of Conditions"
as written in the Welcome Email to get accessibility to eCODE.
I can not login with Knox ID.
Knox ID and eCODE username might be the same.
Try your Knox mail as you have requested, or try Knox ID after converting '.'(dot) into '-'(hyphen).
How can I reset my password?
You can click a link to reset your password by accessing
https://github.ecodesamsung.com whenever you want.
You can do the same reset at https://github.ecodesamsung.com/password_reset as well.
How can I re-activate two-factor authentication?
If you not able to input your two-factor authentication
just in case of changing your smartphone or accidentally deleting OTP App,
you can choose "Enter a two-factor recovery code" and enter the recovery code that you have saved when you have registered, or you can contact ecodehelp@samsung.com to request help.
How can I get help in eCODE?
Every user can create an issue at Assits/helpdesk, where you are registered automatically,
to get help after gaining accessibility to eCODE.